NGV Refueling Station Operator Using Siemens Solution for Data Collection


Siemens Digital Industries Software says TotalEnergies Gas Mobility has selected MindSphere, the industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens, to collect, monitor and analyze data across its network of natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling stations.

MindSphere offers a wide variety of IoT capabilities that orchestrate, collaborate and deliver digital services, advanced security and governance options. As part of a global digitalization strategy, TotalEnergies Gas Mobility has already connected over 50 stations across the Netherlands, Belgium and France in the first year, where the company is planning to reduce maintenance costs through remote monitoring and service scheduling.

“TotalEnergies Gas Mobility’s aim is to expand our broad energy company’s European network for natural and renewable gas for vehicles to 450 stations by 2025,” says John Wilson, vice president of TotalEnergies Gas Mobility. “The Siemens IoT monitoring solution will enable us to better serve our internal customers and station owners through enhanced station supervision, maintenance cost and TCO reduction.”

“Our purpose is to help other TotalEnergies’ subsidiaries globally to expand their CNG, LNG and hydrogen offerings,” adds Baldewijn Westerbeek, digital and IT manager at TotalEnergies Gas Mobility. “These alternative fuel products require more complex refueling installations. Combined, the connected stations report billions of datapoint readings per year to a cloud database in a fully secured environment. With this data, we can discover valuable usage patterns and resolve issues before anyone on the ground even notices.”

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