New York City Orders Additional Beam Global Solar-Powered EV Charging Systems


Beam Global says New York City has deployed additional Beam EV ARC solar-powered EV charging systems, expanding its fleet to 89 chargers. New York is Beam’s largest municipal customer with 89 units deployed.

This deployment is Beam’s EV ARC 2020 model, which has a streamlined design, higher performance and flood protection up to 9.5 feet, suitable for areas of the city prone to high water levels during storms like Hurricane Ida. The transportable and off-grid EV ARC systems require no construction, permitting or electrical work.

“We are seeing an increase in extreme weather events across the U.S. and globally,” states Beam Global CEO Desmond Wheatley. “Nobody can afford to lose their fueling infrastructure for prolonged periods. The EV ARC can charge EVs during the power outages that are an increasingly common result of this climate shift and other factors affecting our grid.”

“Organizations in areas subject to hurricanes, rising sea water and flooding due to unusually heavy rainfall can experience permanent damage to traditional electric infrastructure,” adds Wheatley. “The EV ARC product can survive these events and provide vital power when the grid cannot.”

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