New Modular System Produces Diesel From Natural Gases


Greyrock Energy has debuted its GS1000 diesel fuel production system, which the company says ‘enables distributed production of fuels from a variety of abundant gas sources, including natural gas, natural gas liquids, stranded gas resources and biogas.’

The GS1000 gas-to-liquid technology is designed to produce 1,000 barrels of diesel fuel per day, or about 15 million gallons per year – an amount that is sufficient to fuel a fleet of heavy-duty trucks for more than 90 million miles annually. The modular architecture of the GS1000 allows customers to start with a single 1,000 barrel/day plant and expand capacity by adding additional units, the company says.

For more information, contact Greyrock Energy at (800) 729-9350 or visit the company's website.

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