New High-Horsepower LNG-Fueled Rigs Come Online


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplier Prometheus Energy Group Inc. and Ensign United States Drilling Inc. have deployed three dedicated LNG-powered Automated Drilling Rigs (ADR) in the DJ Basin of Colorado.

These new projects supplement existing projects where the companies are collaborating, including rigs in the Marcellus, mid-Continent and Niobrara basins. Prometheus Energy and Ensign are now jointly operating 12 LNG-fueled high-horsepower rigs in the U.S.

‘Our relationship, initiated in 2010 while leading the deployment of the first U.S.-based LNG-fueled drilling rig, has only strengthened over the past four years, allowing the parties to deliver an optimized turnkey solution to our mutual end customers,’ says Jim Aivalis, CEO of Prometheus Energy.

Prometheus Energy is privately held by Shell Technology Ventures and Black River Asset Management LLC, a subsidiary of Cargill.

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