New Flyer Launches Autonomous Technology Program for Buses


New Flyer of America Inc. and New Flyer Industries Canada ULC (collectively, New Flyer), subsidiaries of NFI Group Inc., have launched their Autonomous Technology Program.

This program includes the development and deployment of technology for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and automated vehicles (AVs), with a guiding principle focused on public safety.

To ensure safe interaction among transit operators, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and interaction of buses, New Flyer will leverage the Internet of Things (an extension of internet connectivity to physical devices and everyday objects) to build connectivity in sharing public roadways. Secondary benefits of New Flyer’s program include operational efficiency, productivity and energy reduction.

“New Flyer is incredibly proud to make this step toward automation of transit buses,” says Chris Stoddart, president of New Flyer. “Transit agencies across North America have been asking for progressive technology, regulators have shown commitment and support to technology advancement, and passenger confidence has been increasing as they experience autonomous technology firsthand. Now is the time to continue leading our industry with innovative firsts, just as we have for the past nine decades. We look forward to driving our technology roadmap forward over the coming year.”

New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions will support these efforts with the development and deployment of smart charging solutions. Through its Vehicle Innovation Center, an innovation lab dedicated to the advancement of bus and coach technology, New Flyer will also foster industry collaboration and support workforce development through the delivery of hands-on, educational programming related to the safe deployment of ADAS and AV technology.

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