New Eagle Introduces Raptor Control System Dev Tool


New Eagle, a company that specializes in control systems for fleet vehicles and other transportation segments, has debuted its Raptor development platform, which allows users to design custom control systems for specific applications.

The company says the Raptor development-tool suite represents an end-to-end solution, from engine control unit (ECU) specification, to system integration and calibration, to production and service. Raptor uses model-based development to leverage proven design elements and code-generation, reduce hardware verification efforts, and maintain a consistent application development interface across ECU hardware.

That includes a family of Raptor-compatible telematics products and embedded data loggers, as well as compatible display solutions/user interfaces. Additionally, the Raptor platform includes system development tools for fleets and conversion companies that are working on alternative fuel vehicle control systems.

For more information about Raptor, contact New Eagle at or click here.

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