Nestle Waters Adds 155 New Propane-Powered Delivery Trucks


Nestle Waters North America is adding more than 150 medium-duty beverage delivery trucks fueled by propane autogas. According to Nestle, the 155 Ford F-650 trucks will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 24.6 million pounds over their service lifetime. These units will be deployed beginning in April.

“Becoming a better steward of our environment is a priority for Nestle Waters,” says Bill Ardis, national fleet manager for Nestle Waters North America. “We’ve been running propane autogas vehicles since 2014. Because of the proven emissions reductions and cost savings, we knew it was the right choice to expand our fleet with this domestically produced alternative fuel.”

The new medium-duty delivery trucks, added to the company’s existing autogas fleet of 30 Ford trucks of the same model, will also help the company save on maintenance and fuel costs. “Autogas allows us to operate without compromising standard delivery methods and reduce operational costs,” adds Ardis.

Each delivery truck is equipped with a ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel system with a 45-usable-gallon fuel tank that is certified by both the California Air Resources Board and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Nestle Waters North America propane trucks are used to deliver products to its customers across the country, including in Los Angeles; San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; Milwaukee; and Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Deployments this year will include New York City, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

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