Need Liquefied Natural Gas For Vehicles? NGVAmerica Can Help


Natural gas vehicle (NGV) trade and advocacy organization NGVAmerica is working with Zeus Intelligence to provide fleets and other stakeholders with up-to-date, consistent information about where and how liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be accessed.

Zeus has already compiled a list of 34 U.S.-based plants that can ‘offload LNG into trailers for truck delivery to user sites,’ NGVAmerica says. Zeus surveyed the managers of these plants and found that they collectively have the capacity to supply up to 3 million gallons of LNG per day (or about 300 trailer loads).

‘The number of LNG-fueled trucks on the road is expanding rapidly – as is the number of LNG fueling stations,’ says Richard Kolodziej, president of NGVAmerica. ‘This new service will provide invaluable information to companies, from producers to fueling station operators.’

The list, the organizations note, will be regularly updated.

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