Natural Gas Vehicle Trade Group Finds Big Support for New Florida Legislation


The Florida Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (FNGVC) conducted a public-opinion survey from Feb. 7-12, and the central takeaway is that the vast majority of Florida residents approve of recently introduced legislation that is designed to spur higher adoption of natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

Florida H.B.579 (introduced by Rep. Lake Ray) and S.B.560 (proposed by Sen. Wilton Simpson) are aimed squarely at providing a boost to the NGV sector by changing the tax structure that governs the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel, as well as through the creation of a state Natural Gas Fuel Vehicle Investment Program. This initiative would be funded through the existing State Comprehensive Enhanced Transportation System tax.

According to the FNGVC, 72% of those surveyed (600 in total were polled) ‘supported the idea of encouraging the use of natural gas vehicles through such a government-sponsored incentive program.’

Moreover, 96% voiced favor for promoting U.S. energy independence; 93% ‘believe it is important to create new, well-paying jobs’; and 95% said protecting Florida's environment was important.

‘We believe that public support for the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel is both broad and deep. This survey confirms that fact beyond any doubt,’ says Eric Criss, chairman of the FNGVC.

H.B.579 is currently with the state House's Energy & Utilities Subcommittee. S.B.560 is scheduled to move into the state Senate's Transportation Committee later this week.

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