Municipal Fleet in Florida Chooses New Flex Fuel


CyberFuels Inc. says it has received the first order for its EcoFlex 96, an alternative flex-fuel methanol, from an undisclosed municipal fleet in Florida.

CyberFuels CEO Ron Mills Sr. says the company, a subsidiary of EncounterCare Inc., is thrilled.

‘We have determined that there are large fleets of flex-fuel vehicles that have been purchased in Florida, as well as many other states,” notes Mills. “To date, flex fuel vehicles have not gotten the full benefits of utilizing their flex-fuel technology since E-85 has been, until now, the only option for these 'alternative fuel' vehicles.

He adds that the company is currently in talks with other municipalities, as ‘This approach of focusing on large fleets is fundamental to our national introduction of our EcoFlex 96 brand.”

‘We have had our product independently certified by nationally accredited independent labs,’ continues Mills. ‘The recent MPG test on EcoFlex fuel methanol, conducted at Olson Ecologic Labs in California, demonstrated that our premium fuel methanol produces approximately 9.5 percent improvement in mileage and approximately 10 percent less pollutants than regular gasoline. EcoFlex 96 is also significantly cheaper than regular gasoline at the pump.’

Tom Gleason, vice president of CyberFuels, further adds, ‘We look forward to the continued growth in distribution of EcoFlex 96 and expect to add additional states in the U.S., as well as additional countries, within the current year.’

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