Mullen Secures Rights to I-GO Urban Commercial Delivery EV


Mullen Automotive Inc., an electric vehicle manufacturer, has secured exclusive sales, distribution and branding rights to the new compact urban delivery EV, the I-GO, which is certified for sale in select European markets. The I-GO bridges the gap between the growing demand for quick deliveries and space constraints found throughout the dense cities of Europe.

The Mullen I-GO, intended for companies focusing on last mile deliveries, is based on a 96-inch wheelbase, 16.5 kWh battery pack, rear-wheel drive, and a curb weight of 1,753 lbs. With a range of 124 miles, according to NEDC estimate, the vehicle can easily handle the stop/go and weave in/out typical of narrow European urban streets. The I-Go was built with the intention to get to the customer’s door faster, all while decreasing pollution and congestion levels across Europe.

The I-GO will have a starting price of $11,999 plus VAT and local transportation and will be retailed and serviced through local European distributors. 

“Securing the exclusive sales, distribution and branding rights in major European countries for a ready to market electric commercial delivery vehicle is a huge win for the company,” says David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive. “The company plans on licensing its rights to established dealerships in these desirable European markets. Essentially, this transaction provides the company revenue generating opportunities, promotes and extends the company’s brand into other countries while at the same time allowing the company to remain fully focused on its mission of manufacturing its lineup of electric vehicles in the USA.”

“The goal has always been for Mullen to build a complete line of commercial electric vehicles, and we realized that one of the most critical issues today is inefficient last-mile delivery in urban markets,” Michery continues. “The introduction of the I-GO, a fully EU homologated vehicle, creates opportunities for the company in Europe where there is a huge demand for this type of small delivery vehicle.”

The I-GO will join Mullen’s current commercial vehicle lineup which includes Class 1 and 2 EV cargo vans. Mullen recently made a majority acquisition of Bollinger Motors, whose portfolio includes Class 3 through Class 6 commercial vehicles. In addition to securing the exclusive sales, distribution and branding rights for the I-GO for Spain, France, Germany, the U.K. and Ireland, the company entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire all assets of Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc. and Electric Last Mile Inc. (ELMS) from the ELMS Bankruptcy Estates.

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