Merchants Fleet Looks to BrightDrop to Electrify Portfolio


Merchants Fleet, a fleet management company, says it plans to further electrify its portfolio with BrightDrop, the new business backed by General Motors offering electric first-to-last-mile products and software services. 

Merchants is working with BrightDrop to procure 12,600 BrightDrop EV600s, an all-new, electric light commercial vehicle purpose-built for the delivery of goods and services over long ranges. The EV600 is powered by the Ultium battery system and combines zero-emissions driving with proprietary safety features. The company expects BrightDrop EV600s to enter its clients’ fleets starting in early 2023.

“We are proud to be the first fleet management company to work with BrightDrop,” says Brendan P. Keegan, CEO of Merchants Fleet. “We are fully committed to the future of electrification. Working to add BrightDrop EV600s to our clients’ fleets is an exciting part of our broader strategy. We look forward to continuing to expand our electric vehicle (EV) fleet capabilities to provide our clients with a range of EV services and solutions to meet their evolving needs.”

Merchants Fleet aims to have 50% of its mobility fleet portfolio electric by 2025 and 50% of its managed fleet portfolio fully electric by 2030. The company has officially launched Electrify Fleet, a vehicle electrification initiative designed to rapidly deploy new electric commercial vehicles into the market with OEM partners. In addition to increasing EV availability, the initiative is also focused on educating clients about the advantages, applications and options available to them and providing tools and insights to help them make a seamless and cost-effective entry into the EV market.

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