Merchants Fleet Debuts Fleet Electrification Hub


Merchants Fleet has launched its new Electrify Fleet Hub, an online tool providing centralized information designed to help fleet managers make a seamless adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) as part of their sustainability goals.

The new online tool includes a convenient EV Finder that allows users to research current and future EV models based on their specific needs. The tool also provides EV adoption planning, charging and infrastructure roadmaps and financing, and other useful resources including white papers, guides, infographics and webinars.

“Fleet vehicles account for over 70 percent of our country’s freight movements, so to achieve our nations’ sustainability goals the fleet industry has to adopt sustainable modes of transportation – and the quickest way to get started on that pathway is through electrification,” says Hari Nayar, Merchants Fleet’s director of electrification and sustainability.

The Electrify Fleet Hub is divided into five sections. Learning and Resources introduces Merchants’ proprietary five-step EV adoption process and provides visitors with dozens of EV materials to help them get up to speed on EVs and the EV ecosystem. EV Strategy & Planning offers a variety of EV infrastructure and technology services and solutions to help manage the EV adoption journey from acquisition to disposition. Federal Grants and Incentives information will be added to this feature in 2022, giving fleet clients the ability to calculate rebates for the purchase of various EV makes and models.

“That’s a tall order for an industry that prior to this, had no centralized place to turn for real, actionable information about electrification,” continues Nayar. “The Electrify Fleet Hub aims to completely change that, by providing fleet clients with one convenient resource for customized guidance and support to ensure they’re making the right decisions that’ll allow their fleets to quickly and easily realize the many benefits and cost savings of electrification.”

Vehicle Options features an EV Finder tool that allows users to view available and upcoming makes and models through a filter tool based on range, type, price, and availability. Vehicle information includes classification, capacity, EV specs and much more.

Charging and Services includes resources on charging basics, charging infrastructure topics and strategy. It also offers visitors a free fleet assessment, as well as financing options for the implementation of a custom-fit charging infrastructure. EV News is an up-to-date source for everything happening in the world of fleet EVs and related sustainability topics.

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