Measurement Canada Approves Superior Energy Systems’ Autogas Dispensers 


Ohio-based Superior Energy Systems says that Measurement Canada officially approved its line of propane autogas dispensers for retail sale throughout Canada, making it one of the first companies in the world to earn such an approval from the agency. The certification verifies that the company’s propane autogas dispensers are legal for trade and custody transfer in commercial and retail applications.

According to Superior Energy Systems, Measurement Canada is an agency similar to the U.S. Weights and Measures Division. It is responsible for ensuring accuracy in the selling of measured goods; developing and enforcing the laws related to measurement accuracy; approving and inspecting measuring devices; and investigating complaints of suspected inaccurate measurement in Canada.

“Our engineering and product development team continues to go above and beyond to ensure that our autogas dispenser line achieves the highest certification standards in North America,” says Don Fernald, president and CEO of Superior Energy Systems. “The Canadian propane autogas market is substantial, and this approval signifies our commitment to that customer base.”

In addition, Superior Energy Systems notes its retail dispenser line, including the PRO-Vend 1000; the Web-based, customizable PRO-Vend 2000; and the PRO-Vend dual hose units are National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) certified by the National Conference of Weights and Measures. They are also certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 495 requirements. The units also comply with all applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, the company adds.

Rigorous performance testing of these propane autogas dispensers was conducted over the last six months, and approval was issued by Measurement Canada on Nov. 14.

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Robin Parsons
Robin Parsons
4 years ago

Their errorts in design have been remarkable and produced a product simple in use but restricted to wholesale and organized fleets only. No retail sale approval in the US, and questionable in Canada. IS and Canada both require all lpg meters for retail sale, to have vapor elimenation, and meet electrical code in hazardous areas. A bulk transfer single line display register, in a box with a partially complete mass flow meeter, cannot prevent some notworthy volume of vapor to be passed to the customer and be measured as liquid.passed, for an out of tolerance transaction.. it is simple physics?… Read more »