Maxway Trucking Adopts TruckLabs Fuel-Saving Tech


TruckLabs, a design and engineering company that builds technology for the long-haul trucking industry, says Maxway Trucking, a provider of specialized freight services in the western U.S., has adopted the company’s patented TruckWings technology to drive fuel cost savings and boost its sustainable freight practices.

Maxway Trucking, based in Salt Lake City, started a pilot program to test TruckWings, an aerodynamic, fuel-saving hardware solution that closes the tractor-trailer gap, on two trucks in September 2019. The collaboration between the two companies resulted in improvements to the product, which are now the standard on TruckWings. After the improvements were made, Maxway Trucking saw 5.3% fuel savings over four months. Maxway says it was pleased with the durability of TruckWings and the success of the overall pilot program and now plans to implement additional TruckWings on its fleet of approximately 100 trucks.

“We’re proud to be working with Maxway on its journey to greater fuel efficiency by demonstrating TruckWings’ delivery of durability and significant fuel savings,” says Daniel Burrows, founder and CEO of TruckLabs. “Maxway has been a great partner in our continuous improvement efforts surrounding TruckWings and we’re excited about adding additional products into their fleet to help expand the company’s fuel and sustainability savings.”

Developed in 2014, TruckWings can be equipped on semi-trucks using any type of fuel, helping them to significantly reduce aerodynamic drag. Data generated by more than 200 million miles of highway driving shows that TruckWings provides an average fuel savings of 4 to 6%, which reduces both greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs.

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