Maersk, U.S. Navy Complete Voyage Using SoladieselRD


Maersk Line and the U.S. Navy have completed the testing of Solazyme Inc.'s biodiesel as a part of a journey from Germany to India.

The voyage and testing, which was announced in December, involved the substitution of traditional diesel fuel with SoladieselRD in the Maersk Kalmar vessel. The ship used an auxiliary test engine, and engineers and crew tested fuel blends ranging from 7% to 100% in that engine throughout the voyage.

‘The results of this collaboration will better inform the Navy's test plan as we prepare to demonstrate a Green Strike Group of ships this summer operating with a 50/50 renewable fuel blend,’ stated Glen Sturtevant, director for science and technology at the Navy's Program Executive Office, Ships.

The U.S. Navy is planning to will meet 50% of its energy requirements with alternative sources by 2020.

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