EMT Madrid Orders 50 Electric Buses from Solaris


Spain-based transport company EMT Madrid has placed an order for 20 low-entry Urbino 9 LE electric buses and 30 Urbino 12 electric buses from Solaris.

These vehicles, equipped with Solaris High Energy batteries, will substantially contribute to the electrification of EMT Madrid’s municipal fleet. Deliveries should be completed by the end of July.

In accordance with the Sustainable Environmental Development Strategy of the Madrid City Council, known as “Madrid 360,” EMT Madrid aims to operate a fleet consisting entirely of low- and zero-emission buses. In December 2022, the company announced the retirement of the last vehicle with traditional combustion engine from service. As a result, Madrid became the first major European capital (in terms of population and the number of serviced buses) to be served exclusively by a low- and zero-emission municipal bus fleet. EMT’s strategic plan for 2025 also emphasizes clean energy sources, including the use of photovoltaic installations and green hydrogen.

“In recent weeks, we have received many impressive orders from customers across Europe,” says Olivier Michard, member of the Solaris management board for sales and marketing. “I am delighted that Madrid has joined their ranks, and with its declarations followed by concrete, bold actions, it sets a great example for transport operators and local governments across Europe. Congratulations, and we wish you continued success.”

The low-entry Urbino 9 LE electric buses will debut on the streets of Madrid, while the 12-meter model Urbino 12 electric is already established there. The buses will be powered by a central motor using energy from Solaris High Energy batteries. Amenities include a modern monitoring system, replacing traditional mirrors. The 9-meter version will accommodate 24 seated passengers, while the 12-meter version can hold 28 seated passengers.

EMT Madrid also ordered eSConnect service to further enhance the potential of the battery vehicle fleet. This system improves diagnostic and service capabilities and greatly facilitates precise route planning for individual lines.

EMT Madrid already has 250 Urbino 12 CNG buses and 60 Urbino 12 electric buses in its fleet. With the completion of the latest contract for 50 battery buses, the company will own a total of 360 low- and zero-emission Solaris buses.

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