M.U.D. Announces CNG Fueling Discounts for Earth Day


For Earth Day, the Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha (M.U.D.) has announced compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling discounts at several stations in the Omaha, Neb., area.

This Monday, drivers of natural gas-fueled vehicles can fill up their tanks for 99 cents per gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) at six regional stations:

  • I-80 Fuel, 5318 L St., Omaha
  • M.U.D., 2614 S. 64th Ave., Omaha
  • Trillium CNG, 13233 Cornhusker Rd., Omaha
  • Lincoln Airport Authority, 3520 N.W. 36th St., Lincoln
  • Stirk CNG/Sapp Bros Travel Center, 6001 Cornhusker Hwy., Lincoln; and
  • 517 23rd St., Columbus

According to M.U.D., the public stations will use Earth Day to raise awareness of CNG as an alternative transportation fuel to gasoline or diesel. In 2018, these Nebraska stations collectively displaced over 1 million gallons of petroleum, which eliminated 2,400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and displaced approximately 24,000 barrels of oil, says the district. M.U.D. itself operates more than 180 CNG fleet vehicles.

“Accessibility to public fueling options enables CNG to be a competitive fuel choice to bring real economic and environmental benefits to fleet owners,” says Kyle Bowman, business development specialist for M.U.D. “CNG provides the opportunity to use clean, affordable and American fuel.”

M.U.D. notes that people are encouraged to take photos of filling up on Earth Day and use the hashtags #CNG #EarthDay2019 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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