LSG Sky Chefs to Use Clean Energy CNG for Fleet Vehicles


In a recent blog post, Clean Energy Fuels Corp. announced that LSG Sky Chefs, an airline catering company, will use Clean Energy stations to fuel a new fleet of compressed natural gas vehicles at DFW International Airport.

According to Clean Energy Fuels, the new fleet will feature 20 catering trucks all powered by CNG and is anticipated to use 50,000 gasoline gallon equivalents each year.

The company says the natural gas vehicles will benefit from convenient fueling, considering Clean Energy Fuels already has an existing station at DFW airport.

The blog post notes that the truck purchase was supported by a grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in an effort to replace LSG Sky Chef’s aging diesel fleet.

With this switch to CNG, LSG Sky Chef expects to reduce its emissions by 132 metric tons.

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