Linde Moving Beyond Mobile Fueling: Permanent LNG Stations Are Coming


Linde LLC, a unit of The Linde Group that focuses on liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply and fueling, will be rolling out a new LNG refueling station design and business line.

‘The new, permanent commercial stations are economical and scalable as fleet needs expand, and offer exceptional performance,’ says Bryan Luftglass, head of strategic market and business development for LNG.

The company has already commissioned its first stations incorporating these design elements in the U.K. and Australia, and the initial North American facility is underway.

‘Linde also supplies mobile fueling equipment; together with the new station, we can help truck fleets supplying sand, cement and water services economically convert their fleets over to LNG, whatever their level of fuel usage,’ Luftglass adds.

Linde's first LNG station in North America is scheduled to be operational in January 2014. It will feature fast refueling rates, accurate metering and no venting to the atmosphere. The station design also accommodates various on-board LNG tank pressures.

Cold bulk storage, vent recovery and liquid nitrogen are used where necessary to control fill temperatures and pressures, and prevent tank venting. Conditioning modules are also employed in order to handle saturated filling on the fly.

Linde itself is in the midst of converting its own fleet to run on natural gas, with more than 40 LNG-fueled tractors set to be operational in 2014.

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