Lightning Debuts New Electric Class 6 Powertrain, Inks First Customer


Colorado-based Lightning Systems, a global developer of zero-emission powertrains for commercial fleets, has announced a new all-electric low cab forward model for commercial and government fleets in the Class 6 segment.

The Lightning Electric heavy-duty powertrain will be available in the 19,501-26,000 pound gross vehicle weight rating with an all-electric range of approximately 110 miles, depending on the route and driver. Orders are being accepted immediately, and delivery of the new product will begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

The first order, totaling 50 units, has been placed by New York-based Zeem Solutions and will be integrated onto the Chevrolet 6500XD low cab forward model. Zeem is a commercial electric vehicle (CEV) service provider for small, medium and large fleet operators across the U.S. The product-agnostic company assists fleet operators with the formulation and integration of a tailored, comprehensive CEV strategy.

“I have been deeply involved in the electric commercial truck vehicle space for over 10 years and have driven all the current options available,” states Paul Gioupis, CEO of Zeem Solutions. “We chose the Lightning product because once we drove the electrified Ford Transit, we were blown away with the acceleration and overall performance, and it became clear why Ford selected them as their preferred partner. We are excited to be working with the Lightning Systems team on the first Zeem vehicles and anticipate we will have strong demand from our customers on this Class 6 offering. The truck is an absolute beast, and there is no other product on the market like it.”

The new Lightning Electric LEV100 model will offer peak motor power of 295 horsepower with a two-speed Eaton automatic transmission, providing 1821 ft-lb in first gear and a 65 mph governed top speed. Lightning provides a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty on the powertrain, matching the General Motors vehicle warranty. The powertrain is available on new Class 6 trucks, as well as for repowers of vehicles currently in fleets. Service and maintenance will be performed by trained local service centers and nationwide service partners. Clean vehicle vouchers and incentives are available in many states through the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust and other state and federal funding programs.

Lightning notes that regenerative braking adds range while reducing wear and tear on the standard friction brakes. Featuring a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery system, the new Lightning Electric heavy-duty powertrain will accommodate a full charge in three hours using industry-standard CCS DC fast-charging.

The low cab forward model will serve as a delivery truck and cargo van and will be delivered as a chassis cab, ready to be upfitted with cargo box, refrigeration units and other configurations.

“This segment is perfect for expanding our lineup of Lightning Electric products into the heavy-duty market to meet growing demand for zero-emission vehicles,” says Tim Reeser, CEO of Lightning Systems. “Together with the success of our Ford Transit product and the introduction of our all-electric repower product for city transit buses, this Class 6 product helps us in our goal to be a full-service provider of zero-emission solutions for fleets.”

Lightning Analytics, a cloud-based system that provides predictive maintenance, route scoring, range analysis, driver behavior and geofencing, is available as an option on every Lightning Electric vehicle. The analytics system provides fleets with real-time information to operate their fleet at peak efficiency.

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