Land Secured for Liquefied Natural Gas Production Plant in Texas


Applied Natural Gas Fuels Inc. (ANGF) has wrapped up its acquisition of the land it will need in order to build its new liquefied natural gas (LNG) production facility in Midlothian, Texas.

The company says the plant, which was first announced in September 2013, will supply LNG to end users such as the heavy-duty trucking and high-horsepower segments. Once fully operational, the facility will have up to five liquefiers with a production capacity of 86,000 gallons of LNG per day per liquefier, as well as 1.5 million gallons of on-site LNG storage.

In addition to acquiring the land, ANGF has inked purchase orders for equipment such as storage tanks, production skids and an electric motor/compressor unit.

ANGF expects the facility to be online in early 2015.

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