Kum & Go to Offer E15 Fuel across Several States


Kum & Go, an Iowa-based convenience store chain and retail fuel provider, has announced that it will begin offering E15 as a fuel option. The company's first E15 station, located at 7229 University Ave. in Windsor Heights, Iowa, will open on April 30.

Over the next two years, Kum & Go says it plans to make E15 available at more than 65 stores across Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

The company says E15, a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline, is cleaner and has a higher octane content than regular gasoline. In addition, the company says E15 is typically a less expensive option at the pump.

Kum & Go considers itself an industry leader in introducing alternative fuels. In the 1970s, the company was among the first to offer 10% ethanol blends. In 1997, Kum & Go expanded its fuel options to include E85, and the company currently offers that fuel at more than 160 locations across 11 states.

Furthermore, the company notes many of its stores carry premium biodiesel blends, and later this month, Kum & Go is slated to open its first compressed natural gas fueling station in Springdale, Ark.

“We have a strong tradition in our company to implement sustainability within our business and at our locations. From our 100 LEED-certified stores, to our selection of alternative fuels, E15 was a natural addition to our fuel offering,” says Jim Pirolli, Kum & Go's vice president of fuels. “Having E15 in our portfolio allows Kum & Go to offer our customers a quality product at a great value.”

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