KeHE Distributors Deploying Natural Gas Vehicles


KeHE Distributors, a natural and organic, fresh and specialty distributor, has partnered with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to add low-carbon emission trucks fueled with renewable natural gas (RNG) to its California fleet in 2020.  

By swapping five diesel trucks with natural gas trucks, KeHE expects a significant annual carbon reduction in their operations.

Clean Energy’s Redeem RNG is a clean low-carbon alternative fuel produced from organic waste. The environmentally friendly fuel source has been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 70% versus diesel. Zero Now is an ultra-clean fuel and engine combination, developed by Clean Energy, to help achieve zero-emissions in the trucking industry.

“As a Certified B Corporation and stewards of the environment, KeHE firmly believes in using our business as a force for good,” says Chris Sieburg, executive vice president of operations at KeHE. 

“Clean Energy’s Zero Now has enabled us to make progress towards our new carbon reduction goals. By adding trucks fueled with clean fuel to our fleet, we’re able to sustainably deliver products in a way that aligns with our company’s values. These are great first steps,” he adds.

Each of the five Kenworth compressed natural gas (CNG) tractor trucks will travel approximately 90,000 miles per year using about 15,000 gallons of RNG per truck annually.

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