J&R Hall Adopts TruckLabs’ Fuel-Saving TruckWings Solution


TruckLabs, a design and engineering company that specializes in the long-haul trucking industry, says J&R Hall, a Canadian trucking company, has become the first Canadian fleet to adopt the company’s patented TruckWings technology.

Based in Ontario, J&R Hall started a pilot program to test TruckWings, an aerodynamic, fuel-saving hardware solution that closes the tractor-trailer gap, on two trucks in February 2020. The goal was to measure how the hardware would perform during Canada’s harsh winter weather. The company saw 3.9% fuel savings over three months and now plans to implement TruckWings on 10 times the amount of diesel trucks tested during the pilot program within their fleet.

“We liked the concept behind TruckWings in closing the gap between the truck and the trailer, but we wanted to validate the durability and fuel savings for ourselves,” says Jeff Hall, president of J&R Hall. “TruckWings really impressed us with how well they performed in the unforgiving conditions of a Canadian winter and we had no maintenance issues with the product at all. Our main concerns for our fleet were the sustained durability of our trucks and increasing our fuel savings. TruckLabs has answered both of those calls.”

Experiencing tripled sales within the last year, TruckLabs developed TruckWings in 2014 to reduce aerodynamic drag by deploying panels from the back of the cab to close the tractor-trailer gap at highway speeds. TruckWings has logged over 200 million miles of highway driving on customer vehicles. Independent testing shows that the technology provides an average fuel savings of 4%, which reduces both fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

TruckWings can be outfitted on semi-trucks using any type of fuel, helping truck fleets of all sizes and in all types of weather, reduce aerodynamic drag and increase their fuel efficiency – all while saving on fuel costs and harmful emissions.

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