Joule Sunflow-D Gains ASTM Approval


Joule, a company that is working on the production of CO2-neutral fuels, says its Sunflow-D product has been certified to meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for diesel fuel.

The company's technology applies engineered catalysts to continuously convert waste CO2 directly into renewable fuels such as ethanol or hydrocarbons for diesel, jet fuel and gasoline. The technique produces alkane molecules that are inherently ‘blendable’ with fossil fuels in high concentrations (up to 50%), thus displacing more fossil-derived oil with no chemical upgrading required, Joule says.

ASTM test regimes address a number of critical fuel requirements, such as performance (e.g. cetane or octane, aromaticity, viscosity, etc.), engine wear, transportability and post-combustion air quality. Joule says diesel blends using Sunflow-D demonstrate reduced sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds.

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