IVECO, Plus Plan Automated Trucking Pilot with Class 8 Fleet


IVECO and Plus are working with dm-drogerie markt, a European retail drugstore chain, and transport and logistics provider DSV to launch an automated trucking pilot in Germany that will start in the first half of 2024.

An IVECO heavy-duty truck integrated with Plus’s AI-based, driver-supervised, automated driving software will operate on a DSV route to transport dm-drogerie markt products in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg-Hessen region.

Customer deployments have already shown that Plus’s driver-in solution, PlusDrive, can help reduce total cost of ownership for fleets and improve driver job satisfaction, the company says.

“Our automated trucking pilot is a groundbreaking and important step towards sustainable logistics,” says Christian Bodi, the dm managing director responsible for logistics. “The technology can make a significant contribution to the comfort and safety of drivers and ensure that our supply chains run more smoothly and reliably.

“Together with our partners, we want to use this innovative project to gather insights into the potential impact of highly automated trucks on operations,” he adds.

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