Iowa Breaks Biodiesel Production Record in 2015


Iowa biodiesel production set a new record of 242 million gallons in 2015, despite national policy uncertainty for most of the year. Biodiesel production was up from 227 million gallons in 2014, topping the previous record of 230 million gallons set in 2013. Iowa is expected to again lead the nation in biodiesel production in 2015 once national numbers are announced.

“Considering neither the federal Renewable Fuel Standard nor the federal biodiesel blenders’ tax credit were in effect for the vast majority of 2015, the resiliency of Iowa biodiesel producers really shone through in 2015,” states IRFA Executive Director Monte Shaw. “With the federal RFS and tax credit in place for 2016, we are hopeful for big things.”

Iowa biodiesel production from soybean oil decreased in 2015, though soybean oil still accounts for 66% of production. Animal fats held steady at 19% of biodiesel feedstocks, while distillers’ corn oil jumped from 2% in 2014 to 10% in 2015, thanks to new technologies. Used cooking oil and canola oil accounted for the remaining 5%.

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