Introducing the ANGI NG100E FleetPro


ANGI Energy Systems LLC is now offering an all-new integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) station system for applications in small and medium CNG fleets.

The ANGI NG100E FleetPro is a fully packaged, quick-deployment CNG system that allows for simplified installation and operation, the company says.

The solution includes duplex Ariel CNG compressors, designed for low- to mid-range inlet pressures and maximum flow performance

“ANGI understands the need for small- and medium-sized CNG fleets to rapidly deploy CNG stations that reduce installation costs while still offering best-in-class operational performance, maintenance access and long-term reliability,” comments Jared Hightower, vice president of sales for ANGI. “ANGI’s purpose-built CNG system uses heavy-duty Ariel compressors to tackle the problem of natural gas inlet pressures below 5 psig while still offering flexibility up to 40 psig inlet pressure. Like all of ANGI’s products, the FleetPro offers connectivity to ANGI CNG Live App, and it is backed by ANGI’s decades of CNG station expertise.”

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