Innovative Fuel Systems Orders CNG Modules from Quantum


Innovative Fuel Systems (IFS) has selected alternative energy company Quantum Fuel Systems to supply natural gas fuel systems for its heavy-duty trucks.   

IFS provides technology to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation industry. IFS partnered with KAG Canada, a subsidiary of the largest bulk commodity hauler in North America, to utilize its technology in their tractor trailers. Six Westcan Bulk Transport vehicles have been retrofitted with Quantum’s compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system modules, resulting in engines that can operate on both diesel fuel and cleaner burning CNG. 

IFS technology will allow up to 45% reduction in certain GHG emissions, and about 10% CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) reduction on a lifecycle model (well to wheel). The initial deployment of this system was on Edmonton-based routes, including transporting aviation fuel to Edmonton International Airport on vehicles fueled with cleaner burning natural gas from the EIA-based ATCO Natural Gas Refueling Station.

“We are excited to support this project and look forward to supplying more systems to Innovative Fuel Systems as they continue to deploy their clean transportation technology,” says Mark Arold, president of Quantum Fuel Systems LLC.  “We are committed to providing technology to help fleets reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions in transportation today with natural gas, and in the future with hydrogen technology.”

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