Industry Organizations Form Biofuel Council


Eight biofuel industry organizations have joined to form the Biofuels Producers Coordinating Council, which they say will advocate for U.S. policy for increased energy security through domestic biofuel production.

The new council will include Michael McAdams from the Advanced Biofuels Association; Brooke Coleman from the Advanced Ethanol Council; Mary Rosenthal from the Algal Biomass Organization; Brian Jennings from the American Coalition for Ethanol; Brent Erickson from the Biotechnology Industry Organization; Tom Buis from Growth Energy; Anne Steckel from the National Biodiesel Board; and Bob Dinneen from the Renewable Fuels Association.

According to the Biofuels Producers Coordinating Council, the Renewable Fuel Standard represents a major initiative for the group, as the standard sets a path for energy security, reduced reliance on foreign oil, and a cleaner, healthier environment by setting annual standards to increase production and use of biofuels in the U.S. The members of the council have jointly pledged support for maintaining this policy and continuing to achieve its goals.

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