InCharge Energy Debuts New Fast Charger for Commercial Fleets


InCharge Energy, an electric vehicle (EV) charging company for commercial fleets, has released the ICE-180, its newest charging hardware offering.

This all-in-one DC fast charger is compatible with all CCS and CHAdeMO EVs and is ideal for auto dealers, commercial fleet charging and parking applications where higher-power DC charging is needed in a minimal space, the company says.

“After an extended beta testing period and successful installations with a few of our trusted partners, we’re excited to share our newest hardware product with the fleet community,” says Cliff Fietzek, CTO of InCharge Energy. “We’re working to solve many of the technology challenges experienced by commercial electric vehicle fleets and our new ICE-180 with power sharing offers solutions to those roadblocks identified in our fleet infrastructure programs.”

The ICE-180 is a 180 kW DC fast charger that features an efficient scalable architecture, allowing for a scalable output of 60, 120 or 180 kW of power depending on the customer’s specific needs in the same footprint. Other benefits include compatibility with vehicles supporting CCS and CHAdeMO charging standards, power sharing between both charging ports, interoperability across backend platforms via open charge point protocol (OCPP), and more.

For InCharge customers who utilize the fleet-focused In-Control OCPP software platform, the ICE-180 easily connects with In-Control to automate the process of collecting EV charging data. In-Control can manage and help streamline the charging infrastructure of an entire fleet, reducing operational costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) in the process, as well as reporting Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits where available. The ICE-180 is the second offering in the expanding InCharge hardware portfolio, which includes the ICE-30 DC Wallbox. Launched in Q4 of 2021, the bi-directional charging capability will allow a vehicle to provide energy from its battery pack to a building, onsite storage devices or the utility grid in certain markets. The ICE-30 is powerful, efficient and compatible with CCS and CHAdeMO connectors.

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