IFS Rolling Out Hydrogen Option for Heavy-Duty Dual-Fuel System


Innovative Fuel Systems Ltd. (IFS) says it is collaborating with several major trucking fleets on its patent-pending retrofit dual-fuel technology, the Multi-Fuel Technology Platform (MFTP).

Certarus, KAG Canada, Superior Propane, Trimac Transportation Services Inc., and another large, Alberta-based fleet are supporting the commercialization of IFS’ dual-fuel system because it represents the fastest and most economically efficient pathway to hydrogen fuel usage within the industry, according to IFS.

“Our MFTP technology is already commercially available for cleaner-burning natural gas,” says Leland Oberst, president and CEO of IFS. “We will leverage that knowledge to have a hydrogen dual-fuel option commercially available in late 2023, enabling owners to quickly adapt for the use of hydrogen fuel in their existing fleet.”

IFS notes that its system, which is based on in-cylinder fuel mixing technology, can be used with approximately 90% of existing heavy-duty truck engines.

“For more than a year, we have successfully replaced an impactful portion of diesel fuel with cleaner-burning natural gas using IFS’ MFTP retrofit technology on our existing HD trucks,” comments Chris Chapman, vice president, fleet services, for KAG Canada. “This has proven to be a great, economically viable, long-term solution to reducing emissions while continuing to use our existing fleet infrastructure and maintaining HD engine performance in demanding operations and conditions.”

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