Oberon Fuels President Named New Chair of IDA


The International DME Association (IDA) has appointed Rebecca Boudreaux, president of California-based Oberon Fuels Inc., the group’s new chair. Established in 2001, the IDA serves as a voice for the dimethyl ether (DME) fuel industry, working to promote the use of DME as an alternative fuel worldwide.

“During the past few years, Rebecca Boudreaux and Oberon Fuels have made substantial contributions to the introduction of DME as a fuel,” says Christopher Kidder, executive director of the IDA. “Her leadership on the creation of an ASTM specification, the EPA’s qualification of the fuel for high-value RINs credits, and California’s approval of DME’s use as a vehicle fuel are just a few examples of this progress.”

At Oberon, Boudreaux leads the customer development and strategic partnering efforts with OEMs, feedstock suppliers and trucking companies. She joined Oberon Fuels as president in 2011.

“DME has a bright future as a low carbon fuel that can be sourced and consumed across the globe, and I look forward to working with Chris and the members of IDA to make this vision a reality,” says Boudreaux.

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