IC Bus Electrifies British Columbia School Bus Fleet


IC Bus, a school bus manufacturer and school bus brand of Navistar, has delivered its first electric CE Series school buses to Canada. The buses are part of an order for 18 type C electric school buses that British Columbia School Districts placed in late 2020.

“IC Bus is proud to deliver our electric CE Series school buses to British Columbia School Districts,” says Trish Reed, vice president and general manager of IC Bus. “We look forward to expanding our electric footprint and leading in the electric space by delivering the best electric bus solution on the market.”

The buses were delivered by Western Canada Bus, the IC Bus dealership that has been partnering with British Columbia School Districts over the last two years on electrifying its fleet. With the help of NEXT, Navistar’s eMobility business unit, IC Bus serves customers by improving on-site infrastructure, exploring grant opportunities and working with local electric companies to lower total cost of ownership.

Beyond planning support, IC Bus says it offers the longest range on a single charge in the industry. The electric CE Series comes with three battery options to meet customer needs, ranging from 70 miles to upwards of 200 miles on a single charge, which is nearly 130% of the closest competitor’s maximum range. In addition, IC Bus offers the only electric school bus with three levels of regenerative braking, allowing the bus to gather kinetic energy created from braking and use it to power the vehicle.

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