Ruan Orders Class 8 Hypertruck ERX RNG/Electric Vehicles


Transportation management provider Ruan has ordered 10 units backed by deposits to secure Hypertruck ERX production slots from Hyliion Holdings Corp.

The Hypertruck ERX powertrain is an electric-drivetrain Class 8 truck that recharges itself en route. Renewable natural gas (RNG) fuels an on-board generator, the generator recharges the batteries, the batteries power the electric motor to drive the axles, and recharging occurs via regenerative braking.

With nearly 4,000 trucks and 300 operating locations nationwide, Ruan is a privately owned transportation and logistics company. A proponent of alternative fuels, the Hypertruck Innovation Council member was an early adopter of CNG-fueled trucks.

“The Hypertruck ERX’s commercialization path is paved with input from Innovation Council members like Ruan, whose determination to run its fleet more effectively and efficiently through sustainable technologies is key to transforming the transportation industry,” says Thomas Healy, founder and CEO of Hyliion. “I’m pleased that Ruan will be adding Hypertruck ERX units to its fleet as they continue their steadfast commitment to electric and alternative fuel vehicles.”

“Driving toward a cleaner future isn’t just an aspirational goal; it’s an integral part of our business and the way we serve our customers and support our communities,” states Brad Gehring, vice president of fleet services for Ruan. “We see the potential the Hypertruck ERX has in further facilitating our carbon reduction goals and in supporting our efforts to lead the way as environmental stewards in the commercial trucking industry.”

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