Hexagon Purus Provides Battery Packs for OEM Heavy-Duty Vehicles


Hexagon Purus, a manufacturer of zero emission mobility solutions, has been nominated by commercial truck OEM to provide battery packs for serial production of battery-electric heavy-duty vehicles.

The scope of the nomination is for delivery of battery packs to commence serial production in 2024 and last through 2027, with an option to extend until 2029. Initial production will be out of Hexagon Purus’ new facility in Kelowna, Canada.

The total sales value for the initial period from 2024-2027 is estimated at approximately $800 million, increasing to approximately $1.2 billion if the extension option is exercised.

“As a supplier of critical technology needed for zero-emission mobility, this nomination further strengthens our position as a strategic partner for OEM customers,” says Todd Sloan, EVP of Hexagon Purus Systems. “We are proud to be nominated for this vehicle program, and we look forward to supporting this OEM in driving their transition to zero-emissions mobility.”

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