Hexagon Agility Receives Orders for Trucks Using Cummins X15N Engine


Hexagon Agility, a leading provider of renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel systems, confirms new orders for compressed natural gas (CNG)/RNG fuel system installations on pilot trucks powered by Cummins‘ new X15N natural gas engine developed for the North American commercial truck market.

These orders are destined for major fleets and involve two leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The orders come in addition to pilots that are already on the road with Hexagon Agility fuels systems.

As of February, Kenworth Truck Company is the first OEM to open its order books for trucks powered by the Cummins X15N engine. Kenworth and Cummins have stated that trucks equipped with the X15N engine will be in serial production by mid-2024 with initial deliveries expected early in the third quarter.

“The launch of the Cummins X15N, 15-liter engine will triple the addressable market for heavy-duty natural gas trucks over the next few years,” says Eric Bippus, executive vice president, Sales & Systems Development, Hexagon Agility. “This is a game-changer for our niche industry, enabling a powerhouse solution for Class 8 fleets traveling locally and cross-country. The 15-liter delivers enhanced fuel efficiency and maximum uptime.”

The X15N natural gas engine by Cummins is designed to deliver a range of long-haul applications while significantly reducing emissions. Powered by RNG/CNG, the X15N can meet stringent EPA and CARB regulations in 2024 and 2027. With power ratings up to 500 hp (about 370 kW) and torque up to 1850 lb.-ft. (about 2500 Nm), the engine allows natural gas to go head-to-head with diesel in the heavy-duty sector.

Hexagon Agility’s current capacity expansion program will substantially increase cylinder volumes for heavy-duty truck applications. Production for the new line is set to start in the first quarter of 2025, to coincide with the increased market demand.

The introduction of the Cummins X15 will unlock the long-haul market segment for RNG/CNG that requires high horsepower applications and can demand a range of up to 1,300 miles/2,000 km (matching the capabilities of diesel). This adds 230,000 heavy-duty trucks to the addressable RNG/CNG market annually.

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