Harbinger, Wabash Innovate in the Last-Mile Delivery EV Market


Harbinger, a vehicle and technology manufacturer focused on medium-duty commercial electric vehicles (EV), is collaborating with Wabash, a North American manufacturer of trailers and truck bodies, to work on the last-mile delivery industry. The two companies are working together to match platform longevity with more efficient vehicle construction and enhanced driver comfort.

Harbinger and Wabash are collaborating on improving materials science coupled with better vehicle ergonomics to increase driver comfort and enhance both operator productivity and driver retention. In addition, the strategic partnership is addressing industry demands for vehicles that are both more comfortable and more suitable for cold-chain logistics.

“Electrifying the medium-duty trucking industry will only happen with the commitment of manufacturers, distributors, and technology companies who are actively seeking innovative solutions to define the next frontier of the industry,” says John Harris, CEO of Harbinger. “We are working closely with industry leading partners like Wabash to bring the commercial electric vehicles to market that are so desperately needed today to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.” 

“We’re excited to continue our collaborations with electric vehicle manufacturers like Harbinger to deliver sustainable solutions in the last mile and home delivery market,” states Dustin Smith, chief strategy officer at Wabash. “Wabash intends to be at the forefront of the commercial EV market, leveraging our proprietary DuraPlate and EcoNex material technologies to reduce weight without sacrificing structural integrity of the vehicle. By combining Harbinger’s electric chassis with our lightweight and long-lasting truck bodies, together we are building solutions that are responsive to today’s dynamic market conditions.”

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