H2FA Developing Modular Hydrogen Fuel Generation and Refueling Capabilities


Hydrogen Fuels Australia (H2FA) is launching Australia’s first modular hydrogen production and integrated fuel-cell EV refueling operation at its greenfield facility in Truganina, near Laverton, Victoria.

H2FA’s operation uses its own electrolysis assets (in island mode) to convert renewable power into green hydrogen. H2FA facilities will not be connected to the energy grid.

In addition to housing Victoria’s first integrated commercial hydrogen refueling station, the Truganina site will also feature research and educational facilities to fully utilize and commercialize all available resources on the site, while showcasing innovative and imaginative industrial design.

“We are proud to be launching Australia’s first modular hydrogen fuel generation and commercial refueling business,” says Francesco Ceravolo, managing director of H2FA. “We’re passionate about employing the unique attributes of hydrogen as a circular, environmentally responsible fuel source to power the next generation of commercial vehicles.”

H2FA is partnering with various suppliers of industrial hydrogen equipment through its work with Skai Energies. H2FA will utilize Nilsson Energy RE8760 technology to manage the site micro-grid, allowing all facilities to operate as an island and be completely self-sufficient. Contained within the Nilsson Energy solution is equipment from Green Hydrogen Systems, designers and manufacturers of modular electrolyzers to produce hydrogen. Plug Power – providers of clean hydrogen and zero-emission fuel cells – will provide power to the site. Rainwater will be used for the electrolysis process.

All necessary capital equipment for fuel generation and storage has been ordered and, pending permits, will be operational in February 2022.

H2FA’s five-hectare site will initially be capable of producing 60-90 kg of green hydrogen from its own 750 kW solar array. Ultimately the site will be scaled up to supply approximately 3,000 kg, with capacity to fuel 100+ vehicles per day.

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