Greyrock Partners with Nerd Gas on Gas-to-Liquids Facilities


California-based Greyrock Energy has formed a partnership with Wyoming-based Nerd Gas to deploy gas-to-liquids (GTL) facilities in the U.S.

Greyrock says its facilities produce primarily synthetic diesel transportation fuel from natural gas or natural gas liquids using the company's GreyCat catalyst and Distributed GTL solution.

Nerd Gas, meanwhile, is an energy investment company whose primary focus is on the exploration of hydrocarbons in Wyoming and the northern Rocky Mountain region. The company has invested in the previously announced Sterling Greyrock GTL project to confirm the commercial viability of small-scale GTL.

Through an affiliate, U.S. GTL, Nerd Gas is teaming up with Greyrock to explore the feasibility of GTL plants in Wyoming and other locations.

‘Greyrock is excited to announce our partnership with the Nerd Gas/U.S. GTL team and look forward to building a portfolio of GTL projects based around Greyrock technology together,’ says Robert Schuetzle, CEO of Greyrock.

Mick McMurry, founder and president of Nerd Gas, adds, ‘Our development team is working to ensure that Wyoming GTL facilities can utilize Wyoming natural gas and produce clean transportation fuels for local consumption.’

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