Goodfood Gets Fully Electric Cold Delivery on the Road in Canada


Goodfood Market Corp., an online grocery company in Canada, has launched a fully electric refrigerated vehicle fleet. The new vehicles began rolling out across Vancouver throughout September.

In collaboration with Lightning eMotors, Volta Air and Frigid Rentals, Goodfood is the first private entity to receive a pre-approved grant from Plug-In BC for electric charging infrastructure. The vehicles themselves have an estimated range of 200 kilometers on a full charge of its 86 kWh battery pack, regenerative braking and can comfortably hit 120 km/hour – silently.

“As Canada aims to shift to all zero-emission electric vehicles by 2035, we are thrilled with this exciting step in launching fully electric refrigerated vehicles in Vancouver this year,” says Goodfood CEO Jonathan Ferrari. “Innovation in technology is a core pillar for us at Goodfood. As we continue to set the bar for a sustainable future, like our fully recyclable Goodfood meal kit boxes and our plant-based ready-to-eat salad packaging, we want to go beyond our products and bring sustainability in grocery through delivery.”

“As program lead for the Fraser Basin Council’s Climate Change and Air Quality Program, we are pleased to have been part of this collaboration with Goodfood and their continued commitment to pushing boundaries of what food and grocery look like across the country,” states Inger Miller, the Plug-In BC program lead for charging infrastructure. “Going electric allows fleets to save on operational costs and reduce emissions for a sustainable future and we continue to do this through great partnerships with Canadian owned companies like Goodfood.”

The 10 newly electric refrigerated vehicles will launch in Vancouver, British Columbia with continued roll-out in the coming months across Canada.

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Steve Zaari
Steve Zaari
2 years ago

World is changing to a better and greener color, EV-Transports, EV-Deliveries, E-Cooling and more sustainable businesses are saving and cleaning the environment for our children and grandchildren.

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