Glovis Orders ELMS Urban Delivery for Operations and Urban Utility Pilot


Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc. (ELMS) has received an order from Glovis America Inc., a global supply chain and logistics provider, for the ELMS Urban Delivery vehicle. 

Glovis specializes in air, ocean and ground freight logistics, and it plans to use ELMS commercial vehicles to support its industrial operations. The Urban Delivery will be used for materials movement and shuttling personnel on-campus.

Glovis operates at 18 ports across the U.S. and manages ocean transportation for over 800,000 20-foot cargo containers; 3 million cars, trucks, buses, locomotives and heavy machines; and 90 million tons of bulk cargo.

Glovis will also evaluate various configurations of the Urban Utility for operations like unloading cargo ships, transporting personnel and transporting heavy materials at its ports. The Urban Utility is a Class 3 medium-duty commercial electric vehicle that has a unique cab-over chassis design, allowing it to be highly configurable. It can be outfitted with a dry box, flat bed, stake bed and other customizable cargo options, depending on customer needs.

“Glovis’ large port and facilities presence in the U.S. requires an efficient commercial fleet with zero downtime,” says Ron Feldeisen, chief revenue officer at ELMS. “ELMS is ready to help Glovis streamline fleet operations with our versatile, all-electric commercial vehicles and telematics solutions as it moves its logistics and freight operations to an electrified future.”

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