Georgia School System Mulls CNG; City Optimistic It’ll Be a Hit


A school system in Covington, Ga., is mulling the benefits of compressed natural gas (CNG) versus diesel to fuel its buses.

According to a local report from Rockdale Citizen & Newton Citizen, last Friday, the Newton County School System (NCSS) filled up a school bus at the Green Fuels Facility, a CNG station operated by the City of Covington since 2014.

Notably, the event marked the very first use of CNG buses for NCSS, whose board of education OK’d the purchase of one last summer.

The report says this pilot program – using one CNG, rather than diesel, bus – is expected to save the school system roughly $3,000 annually. Covington City Manager Leigh Anne Knight is quoted as saying the city is “optimistic the school system will see the positives of utilizing CNG-powered vehicles just like we have” and will decide to bring more on board once the pilot program is over.

According to the City of Covington, the Green Fuels Facility – located at 10010 City Pond Rd. – is a public-access station serving up CNG at $1.99 per gasoline gallon equivalent.

Read the full Rockdale Citizen & Newton Citizen coverage here.

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