Georgia Power Electric Program Helps Businesses’ EV Infrastructure


Georgia Power is celebrating this National Drive Electric Week with a continued commitment to providing charging options and making EV adoption easier for drivers and businesses across the state.

In addition to offering EV charging stations and resources for customers including a special Plug-In EV rate plan and charger rebates, Georgia Power is also dedicated to supporting infrastructure businesses need to implement charging systems at their locations.

The company’s “Make Ready” Electric Transportation Program allows business customers to apply for funding to assist in the installation of infrastructure required to support charging systems at business, manufacturing and corporate facilities. Through the program, Georgia Power will install, own and maintain all of the charging infrastructure behind the customer meter up to the EV charger. Additionally, the company will assist the customer with choosing a charger and installer for purchase.

“Our team of electric transportation experts is helping ‘drive Georgia forward’ in providing turnkey solutions for our business customers with a variety of different electric technologies that qualify for funding assistance,” explains Stephanie Gossman, electric transportation manager at Georgia Power. “Through programs created with the support of the Georgia Public Service Commission, National Drive Electric Week is the perfect time for customers to explore the benefits and savings available through electric transportation, while also reaching their sustainability initiatives.”

The state of Georgia is already home to 30,000 EVs and 930 public charging stations. Georgia Power is committed to supporting the electrification of transportation across all types of technologies, from consumer cars and trucks to buses and entire fleets, as well as non-road applications from warehouse fork-lifts to giant port cranes.

Through the Make Ready Program, Georgia Power can provide funding assistance to business customers with a variety of emission-free electric transport needs including passenger vehicle, transit bus, short- and long-haul package delivery, school bus, airport ground support, fork-lift charging, and more to come.

Once approved, Georgia Power’s Electric Transportation experts will support the customer through implementation, ultimately removing significant financial hurdles to electrification, while reducing fuel and maintenance costs for the customer.

Image by quinn.anya is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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