GenZ Brings ADS-TEC Ultra-Fast EV Chargers to the U.S. Market


GenZ EV Solutions has launched a battery-buffered, ultra-fast EV charger (up to 320 kW) and a suite of services for businesses transitioning into e-mobility in the U.S. market.

GenZ and Germany’s ADS-TEC Energy have signed an agreement appointing GenZ as its distributor throughout the Americas. ADS-TEC Energy’s battery-buffered technology enables widespread, ultra-fast charging on existing power-limited grids without additional infrastructure.

GenZ designated Charge Enterprises, through its Charge Infrastructure operating affiliates, as its preferred infrastructure provider. Charge will offer end-to-end services for EV charging ecosystems, including project management, design and engineering, construction, installation, and maintenance and service. GenZ and Charge will service dealerships, dealer groups, commercial fleet and automotive OEMs as well as retail, big-box chains, real estate conglomerates and the public sector.

“While the demand for ultra-fast EV charging spans across all industries and sectors of society, the auto industry – specifically dealers – are at the vanguard of our transition into eMobility. I look forward to working with the Charge team to deliver world-class solutions to this pioneering industry and across many more,” says José Valls, who was named as CEO. He is a former chairman of Nissan North America and of Nissan Latin America. “It will also be exciting to collaborate with ADS-TEC in delivering such impactful innovation to markets across the Americas.”

“GenZ EV Solutions understands that a successful project entails more than cutting-edge hardware,” comments Mark LaNeve, president of Charge Enterprises. “There’s great opportunity in intelligent installation, servicing and long-term revenue-driving opportunities to consider as well. We are excited to partner with GenZ in designing high-impact, smart investment opportunities for auto dealers and beyond.”

“We are pleased to partner with GenZ EV Solutions in the Americas. Our commitment to technical innovation, coupled with our partner ́s deep experience in the fast-evolving auto industry is a powerful combination,” states Thomas Speidel, CEO and founder of ADS-TEC Energy. “We look forward to collaborating with GenZ in the great expansion of the American charging infrastructure.”

Among challenges faced when companies enter charging station projects are up-front costs and significant capital investments. GenZ EV Solutions offers operating and financing models, including up to 100% financing for qualified clients via preferred partner Mitsubishi Capital.

“GenZ EV Solutions was inspired by the generation that triggered the inflection point for mass-adoption of EVs,” adds Cristian Stenstrom, GenZ EV Solutions’ co-founder and an environmental philanthropist. “They influence current GenX and Boomer purchase patterns and are teaching us that capital invested without a higher purpose is wasteful. Our team shares that vision and, beyond helping businesses navigate electrification, three percent of profits will be invested into reforestation efforts in the U.S.”

John Candillier, GenZ EV Solutions’ co-founder, emphasizes that although “green” capital public and private investments are significant in propelling EV adoption, the small to mid-size companies, including auto dealerships, will be the backbone of the nation’s charging infrastructures in communities.

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