GE WattStation Connect: Network Access To EV Charging


GE Energy Industrial Solutions has released its newest WattStation electric vehicle (EV) charging station and WattStation Connect software platform, which is designed to give EV owners and fleet managers remote access to charging management tools.

With WattStation Connect, users can set charging price points, gain control of their EV infrastructure from various locations, and generate reports about charging patterns. The company says it worked closely with car-rental firm Hertz to develop the product.

‘The WattStation Connect full-service software platform helps meet a wide variety of EV needs, whether it is a retailer looking to attract new customers, a commercial property manager in need of information on electricity usage or a fleet owner in search of better cost-allocation data,’ GE says.

The company adds that it is currently working with an online payment vendor to roll out a WattStation Connect mobile app that can be used to identify charging stations and the pricing structures for individual chargers.

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