GE, Nissan Partner To Research Smart Charging For Electric Vehicles


GE and Nissan have signed a three-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore new technologies that are needed to build a reliable, dynamic smart-charging infrastructure.

GE and Nissan have outlined two key areas for potential collaborations. The first relates to the integration of electric vehicles with homes and buildings, and the second focuses on electric vehicle charging dynamics with the larger electric grid. In the coming months, GE and Nissan will work to identify specific projects they can partner on in each of these areas.

Much of the GE work will be conducted at GE's global research operations, located in Niskayuna, N.Y. Nissan will participate mainly through it Nissan Technical Center North America, located in Farmington Hills, Mich., with support by the Nissan Advanced Technology Center in Japan.

‘In the past few years, we have seen an acceleration of innovations in plug-in hybrid and electric cars that have sparked a revolution in smart-charging technologies,’ says Mark Little, senior vice president and director at GE Global Research. ‘Together with Nissan, we will take a comprehensive look at what technologies will be needed in the car, on the grid, and at home or work to make smart charging a reality.’

SOURCE: Nissan

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