Gardena Municipal Bus Lines Reveals Electric Bus, New Name


Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, a transit operator in Gardena, Calif., has debuted its first all-electric bus.

The operator, which recently unveiled the vehicle during a ceremony marking the bus line's 75th anniversary, also announced it is officially rebranding itself as GTrans. GTrans says the new name is easier to say, with ‘G’ representing its home city of Gardena, as well as the bus line's commitment to green, environmentally friendly initiatives.

The operator has acquired two electric buses from BYD Motors and plans to add more to its fleet in the future.

“Gardena's move to electric buses provides a ride that is quiet, with zero emissions, reduced hazardous waste, reduced dependence on petroleum and harnesses the sun to charge the buses without using electricity from the grid,” comments Macy Neshati, vice president of sales of BYD Coach and Bus.

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