Fuelman Debuts Commercial Fleet EV Management Solution


Fuelman Inc. has launched a solution allowing fleet customers to pay for electric vehicle (EV) charging, accurately track all EV charging events, and reimburse employees for at-home charging. The new solution is available to all Fuelman customers as businesses add EV vehicles to their fleets.

“As businesses increasingly look to adopt EVs, the fueling landscape becomes more complex, which in turn makes fleet management more difficult,” says Alexey Gavrilenya, group president of North America Fuel at FLEETCOR. “We are at the forefront of the energy transition by providing an enhanced, comprehensive management and payment platform to help customers efficiently manage fleets with any fuel mix.”

For Fuelman customers, the EV solution can be added to existing physical fleet card or a virtual EV companion feature can be issued to customers. These cards, whether virtual or physical, can be used for payment in popular EV charging apps within any charging network where Mastercard is accepted.

This new platform leverages data captured from EVs to track every charging event, at every charger type and location. The new solution captures home charging events, tracks usage, calculates costs and manages expense reimbursement, which removes impediments to widespread EV adoption for fleets.

“As a leader in commercial fleet management and payment solutions, we can provide our customers convenience, fraud controls and data insights, no matter where or how they fuel,” states Keagan Russo, president of Fuelman and North America Local Fleet. “Enabling EV charging payment, data, and home reimbursement for all of our Fuelman fleet card customers allows us to help customers manage their fleets moving forward.”

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